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Holiday - American Idiot
requested by an anon, thanks!


Holiday - American Idiot

requested by an anon, thanks!


How America handles a tiff with Russia: Spends decades engaged in nuclear aggression

How Europe handles a tiff with Russia: Overwhelmingly votes for an Austrian drag queen and boos a lot

This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom, you know who you are. We are unity and we are unstoppable.

—Conchita Wurst (via thebusesdontgohere)

I’ve missed a lot of dance stuff for work this year, and all I’ve had in return was stress, pain, exacerbated injuries and a caffeine addiction, that really fucking hurts to beat. I’ve had no sleep, missed socials, class after class after class, and been so tired I slept through rehearsals. But tonight was the hardest to take. Not just because I’ve missed seeing some people for the last time I will do, but because so many of these missed classes and socials and competitions were covering for someone else, yet the one time I need cover, no-one will. And people wonder why i’m leaving.

If somone repeatedly does you a favour, sometimes it is nice to do one back. I’ve missed two shifts there in 9 months. One because I worked 36 hours out of 72 possible hours with no break, as well as going to uni, dance classes and writing two important essays, to the point that by my next shift I had such bad shin splints I was reliant on crutches to move around the house. Something, by the way, that put dancing on hold for almost a month. The other time I had a full aura migraine, one which I haven’t had in 3 years, because I was so stressed, and couldn’t move without throwing up, which last time I checked isn’t hygenic. I didn’t ask for cover because I was hungover or going out. I’ve even covered on the bar for people even though I work in the kitchen.

Yeah I’ve made good friends at work, yeah I’ll miss them when I’m gone, but I’ve found myself in a family with dance, where we all belong. And so, the moment has hit when I realise just who I’m going to miss, and that achieving your dreams and getting the opportunity of a lifetime is incredible, but it does come at a price, both literally and metophorically.

Honestly could not be prouder of myself at the moment. I may still love you, but I won’t break myself to get you back, because you want someone to fuck around and hurt. Two breakdowns are enough thank you.